Akropolis (AKRO) Price Prediction 2021-2025: Will AKRO Rise to $0.05 in 2021?

    Ethereum (ETH) has become a savior of financial services as various companies are using ETH blockchain to develop decentralized applications (dApps). 

    Code and autonomous communities have become the key elements of financial services these days. Centralization will soon become a thing of the past due to platforms like Akropolis, which aims to provide people with cryptocurrency-based financial services that they own and administer.

    Initially, Akropolis emerged as a solution to provide state pensions in a distributed manner. Later, AkropolisOS was created to give its users the power to develop new DeFi protocols as well as build their crypto-asset holdings by allowing them to administer a suite of DeFi dApps.

    The maximum quantity of AKRO tokens in Akropolis is set at 4 billion. Between January and June 2018, the company held two inaugural private token presales.

    The two sales account for 22.5 percent of the entire token supply, with the AKRO sold being locked up for two months after the public sale before vesting monthly for another year.

    Now, let’s see Akropolis price prediction 2021 and beyond in this article.

    What Is Akropolis (AKRO)?

    The Akropolis platform is managed and governed by the AKRO token, which is its native crypto coin.

    Anyone who owns AKRO can vote on suggestions that will change the network’s regulations. Every protocol or dApp built on AkropolisOS functions as an Autonomous Finance Organization (AFO), which is designed to function without the involvement of any intermediary.

    AFOs are financial organizations that are member-owned and operate as a firm. They are constructed on a distributed network and therefore, do not require hierarchical management. 


    The Akropolis team maintains a software development kit (SDK) to assist developers in creating decentralized applications (dapps) on its network.

    Smart contract modules are included in the SDK, allowing developers to modify their dapps. AkropolisOS also offers DeFi protocol integrations with platforms like Maker and Compound.

    Sparta and Delphi

    The Akropolis team created Sparta and Delphi, two dApps that use the AkropolisOS framework. With only 50% of the collateral required, Sparta allows users to take out loans and contribute liquidity to the protocol in exchange for a percentage of the interest earned.

     On the other hand, Delphi offers users to participate in a variety of yield farming options chosen by the platform across the DeFi space. Additionally, Delphi can be used by people who want to dollar cost average into ETH and BTC.

    Let’s see how the Akropolis crypto will perform in the future years.

    Price Analysis of the Akropolis crypto

    Flashback:  Fundamental analysis of AKRO

    Akropolis crypto is currently ranked at 369 on CoinMarketCap, with a market cap of $106,433,153. There are 3,244,483,103 AKRO coins in circulation, and the maximum supply is unknown.

    The Akropolis price prediction for 2021 and for the upcoming four years is explained in the sections below.

    Akropolis (AKRO)  Price Prediction 2021

    The maximum possible price of an AKRO token for the end of October is expected to be $0.028, whereas, for December 2021, it will be worth $0.0317.

    Akropolis (AKRO) Price Prediction 2022

    The AKRO coin is expected to reach a maximum price of $0.068 during mid-March 2022, with a low price of $0.05 at that time. In December 2022, the AKRO token will be worth $0.1035 i.e., time to sell and yield profits.

    Akropolis (AKRO) Price Prediction 2023

    The price of the AKRO cryptocurrency will rise to $0.09 at the beginning of January 2023 and then increase to $0.12 by the end of May 2023. In December 2023, the AKRO coin, on the other hand, will fall to $0.178.

    Akropolis (AKRO) Price Prediction 2024

    The value of the Akropolis token will increase by $0.002 to reach  $0.180 in January 2024, then steadily grow to $0.229 in April 2024.

    Its worth will further rise to $0.233 by the end of July 2024. Moreover, the optimistic intentions will help the AKRO coin reach $0.285 during December 2024.

    Akropolis (AKRO) Price Prediction 2025

    The AKRO coin will be priced at $0.36 on 7 August 2025. Furthermore, its worth will rise to $0.408 in November 2025 and then to $0.415 in December 2025.

    Akropolis (AKRO) Price Prediction: Market Sentiment

    In the following section, Akropolis price prediction by well-known media portals are explained.

    Wallet Investor

    The Akropolis coin price is predicted to reach $0.055 in December 2021, with a long-term potential to rise by +69.07%. If you purchase Akropolis today for $100, you will receive a total of 3028.137 AKRO.

     According to Wallet Investor’s estimates, a 5-year investment will yield a return of roughly +336%, implying that your current $100 investment might be worth $436 in 2025.

    Digital Coin Price

    From a current price of $0.03, the price of the Akropolis token will rise to $0.06 in 2022. In 2023, the price of the Akropolis coin will decline to $0.05 and further rise to $0.097 in 2024. 

    The pessimism will remain consistent, and the price of  Akropolis crypto will fall to $0.0903 by the end of 2025.

    Gov Capital

    The price of the AKRO coin will hit $0.02 in September 2021, according to Gov Capital, before rising to $0.031 (maximum conceivable price) on December 31, 2021.

    On April 30, 2022, the coin’s price will rise to $0.06, suggesting a sell-time for AKRO crypto to make high profits.

    The AKRO coin will be priced at $0.123 on July 6, 2023, and will grow to $3.64 on June 30, 2022. On November 7, 2023, the price of the AKRO coin will hit $0.170, then skyrocketing to 0.178 on December 31, 2023.

    The Akropolis coin will be priced at $0.28 in December 2024 after a year. Furthermore, the Akropolis token will cost $0.41 per AKRO in December 2025.

    Reddit Community

    With their commercial contacts, Akropolis is meant to attract institutional investment. However, the fact that Akropolis is the only member of the ecosystem that hasn’t been tapped for any DeFi or protocol-related demands will lead to its price decline to $0.14.


    With a 42.95% price increase, the price of the Akropolis coin is expected to reach a minimum of $0.23. 

    Coin Checkup

    The AKRO token is expected to be valued at $0.33 by the end of December 2021, rising to $0.67 in 2025, according to Coin Checkup.

    Our Akropolis (AKRO) Price Prediction

    An autonomous financial environment is what Akropolis offers to the DeFi space. It is based on Ethereum that aims to offer borrowing and lending services through Sparta and Delhi dApps.

    Akropolis claims that its products lower the risk connected with these loans by rewarding community members who submit appropriate risk evaluations with AKRO.

    So, is AKRO a good investment in the long run?

    The AKRO cryptocurrency will reach $0.03 by the end of December 2021, according to our Akropolis price prediction 2021. However, AKRO’s price forecast for 2025 is $4, with a maximum price of $4.06.

    Despite the positive price behavior of the AKRO coin, we recommend you do your own research before relying upon our predictions.


    Akropolis Decentralized began with the intention of establishing a dispersed savings and pension fund, but it has evolved into much more. The AkropolisOS platform, which allows designers to create dApps, financial protocols, and DAOs, are the latest offerings.

    In decentralized finance, DAO governance appears to be a viable model for addressing many of the issues plaguing the centralized banking system that we are compelled to utilize today. 

    By removing greedy intermediaries and giving authority to the public, the DAO-controlled capital pools formed by Akropolis appear to produce a fairer financial economy.

    According to media portal pricing estimates, the protocol is likely to do well in the upcoming years. The Akropolis coin’s price will not exceed $2 by the end of 2021, according to the Akropolis (AKRO) price prediction. By the end of December 2025, the AKRO coin might be worth at least $4.1. So, if you’re looking for a way to make money while you sit idle, try investing in an AKRO token right now (but of course, at your own risk)!

    All readers who follow Cryptoknowmics’ predictions are encouraged to make logical investments based on their own research.

    The opinions expressed in this article are based on data gathered from multiple internet sources. As a result, neither the writer nor Cryptoknowmics can be held liable for any losses incurred as a result of investing based on the information contained in this article.



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