Fantom Foundation And Bware Labs Announce Collaboration, To Focus On Growing Infrastructure

The Fantom Foundation has just announced that it is entering into a collaboration with Bware Labs. Bware Labs is a leading blockchain endpoint provider that will now be supporting the Fantom mainnet and testnet.

With the collaboration, developers on Fantom have access to Bware services and can now create blockchain APIs that can connect their dApps to the Fantom Network. The entire process of creating blockchain APIs and connecting them to the Fantom network takes less than a minute.

Rapid Growth For Fantom

The partnership with Bware comes at a time when the Fantom platform is seeing rapid growth, with developers hoping to leverage Fantom’s ability to provide finality in less than a second and almost zero gas fees to help power their decentralized applications. Additionally, there are several projects that have already taken advantage of Fantom’s EVM compatibility, using it to port over their Ethereum solutions. One such example is the Atari Chain.

The Need For The Bware Collaboration

Fantom has seen a significant rise in its on-chain statistics, which reflect the growth that is currently taking place on the Fantom Network. The Fantom has seen an increase of over 5700% in the number of unique wallet addresses on the platform, with Fantom now processing anywhere between 300,000 and 1 Million transactions per day.

With such a high and unprecedented rate of expansion, the partnership with Bware Labs gives developers an efficient method of connecting to the Fantom blockchain without investing the time, money, and effort required to engineer and maintain a node.

Bware’s Summer Of Growth

Bware Labs has also enjoyed stellar success during the current year, and the collaboration with the Fantom Foundation has resulted in Bware receiving a grant that can help the protocol in the building of their API infrastructure.

Several New Partnerships

The announcement of the collaboration with Bware labs caps off a remarkable and immensely successful summer for Fantom. The company has announced several new initiatives during the current year, including several new partnerships, the integration on the Coinbase mobile wallet, a DeFi focused incentive program worth over $350 Million, and several other initiatives. The partnership with Bware Labs will play a crucial role in the onboarding of new developers and new projects, as the Fantom ecosystem continues to grow,

A Fast And Scalable Platform

The Fantom protocol is a scalable, quick, and secure EVM Layer-1 compatible platform that is built on a permissionless aBFT consensus protocol. All transactions on Fantom are confirmed in just a second and at an average cost of one cent. The high speed and high throughput, coupled with low transaction costs, make Fantom an ideal platform for DeFi applications and other real-world use cases.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.



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